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Forex Options for MetaTrader 4: Installation Instructions

The following instructions will explain how to install the Forex Options for MetaTrader 4 platform.

How to create and authorize demo account

  • Launch Forex Options for MT4.
  • (Fig.1) Open the authorization form and create account by clicking on “Create demo account”.
  • (Fig.2) Set the account password in “Password” box, fix your choice by checking the box “Save account information” and press “Create”.

Fig. 1                                                                                            Fig. 2


Select the trading server: 

For demo account, select Demo server (AL-Demo). 
For real account, select Real server (AL-Real).

If you use more than one MetaTrader 4 terminal, at the first run all the versions will be searched and displayed.
Choose terminal AL Trade 4. Fix your choice by checking the box "Remember my choice and do not show this window in the future».

The next time you log in the company’s terminal will open automatically. 



Logging in 

  • • Your terminal is ready to trade forex options. 



Select the trading tools

  • AL Trade terminal opens after filling the account data in Forex Options for MT4.
  • Select "Market Watch".
  • Right-click, select "Show all”.
  • The assets of forex options trade include ending «bo» (EURUSDbo, USDJPYbo).
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