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The example of a deal in the MetaTrader 4

How to open a deal

  • Double-click on Forex_Opions (Fig. 1)
  • In the Common section, enable the Live Trading option (Fig. 2)
  • In addition, you need to enable the Auto Trading option in the trading platform (Fig. 3)
  • Panel for making transactions on options (Fig. 4)

    Fig. 1

    Fig. 2

    ​Fig. 3


     Fig. 4




The example of the Up/Down option:

For example, at a certain moment the price of EUR was 1.28872 USD. A trader predicts that the price will rise in the next 60 seconds. Then he selects the option Up/Down with the underlying asset EURUSDfo and 60 seconds of expiration. Afterwards he invests $100 and selects the direction Up.

After 60 seconds the price of EUR rises to 1.28884, meaning that the trader made a correct prediction.

Profit: $100 x 80% = $80


The deals results:

The deals results are displayed in the Account history.     
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