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AL Trade Inc.’s main goal is to attract the maximum number of customers possible to trade on the Forex market by providing services that are constantly improving. The company’s dynamic development is the basis for providing customers up to the minute equipment and top-of-the-line trading conditions.
The company offers each customer free access to the analytic AL Trade Inc. platform software.

MetaTrader 4 is a new generation platform, which has no analogue in its functional abilities, and which meets any and all customer needs. Many of the functions, essential for current quotes analysis and historical data, offer rapid and effective real-time analysis of Forex and CFD markets.
A wide range of orders enables flexible trade management, with tools for making deals, monitoring opened positions, and tracking the history of all executed deals.

Constant dialogue with our customers and a wealth of accumulated trading experience in financial markets allow the company to keep up with the market’s changing conditions and to constantly improve trading conditions for our customers. In just the last two years, the company has reduced spreads on 12 currency pairs. 4 currency pairs have 0.8 point spreads. In the same period the number of financial instruments has grown, with available currency pairs increasing as well as trading becoming available in Gold (Spot), Silver (Spot) and CFD on DAX. Accounts can now be operated not only in US Dollars, but also in Euros and British pounds sterling.
Unlike the vast majority of our competitors in the Forex market, AL Trade Inc. provides a Stop-Loss guarantee, limiting clients’ potential losses to the amount they invested. The aforementioned improvements in trading, as well as many others in the customer’s trading procedures, show the company’s great strength and potential for further growth.
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