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Deals in the WebTrader

The example of a deal in the WebTrader Forex Options

We offer traders the platform for forex options trading WebTrader Options. This platform provides traders with a range of opportunities for better trade:

  • Buy options
  • Monitor the market and response promptly to the changes.
  • Analyze already opened positions. Modern technical analysis tools as trend indicators and oscillators are available for traders.
  • Favorites menu is another useful feature of the WebTrader Forex Options platform. Here the trader can add various assets for future analysis and quick navigation.
  • Open the forex options tab for the whole range of assets offered for trading (pic.1)
  • All forex options assets include ending “bo” at the end (for example, EURUSDbo)

Pic. 1


How to choose an underlying asset?

  • Open the Forex Options tab and select a required asset from the list (pic.2).
  • Quick buy menu will appear. Here you can review the information about the underlying asset’s current price, the investment amount, the expiration time (usually 60 seconds) and the payout ratio in a case of a winning trade.

Pic. 2


Advanced settings

Select Make Investment (pic.3) to access the advanced settings.

Here a trader can choose:

  • the option type
  • the investment amount
  • the expiration time and the direction

Pic. 3


  • The investment amount should be set in Investment menu (pic.4).
  • The next step is to choose the expiration time: click on the Expiry menu and choose the deal period (pic.5).
  • After selecting these parameters the system will automatically calculate the payout ratio in a case of a winning trade.

Pic. 4

Рис. 5

  • Then the direction of the price movement has to be determined. If a trader predicts that the underlying asset’s price will be above the current level at the moment of expiration, he chooses the Up option.
  • Otherwise, he chooses the Down option. Pic.6: see the confirmation of buying the option in the chosen direction. 


  • Pic.7: the dialogue of the opened position with the set parameters. Here you can see: the investment amount, the current price, the opening price, payout ratio in a case of a winning trade, the time until the expiration and the expiration time.
  • The dialogue of the opened deal can be closed by clicking DISMISS in the BO Position window. You can open it by double-clicking on the deal in this window.

Pic. 7
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